Confident Kidzz

Building Confident Kidzz One Kid At A Time


Confident Kidzz is all about Empowering Kidz to be their best, to give them the tools to understand the power of their mind and why they can achieve what they believe. The knowledge to think for themselves, make good choices, stand up to peer pressure, develop awesome self esteem, tremendous self confidence.

One thing that we really don't do as parents or educators is how to create a vision for their life to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Along the way learning how to bust thru their fears, handle mistakes and failures. 

Using the Adventures in Wisdom Coaching program with Wyatt the Wizard.

With Confident Kidzz, your child will learn all these valuable skills thru stories with Wyatt the Wizard and his friends, along with discussions and fun activities in group or in individual sessions.   

  • Mind Power
  • Inner Power
  • Me Power
  • Dream Power
  • Slaying Dragons


This program is designed to be a fun way for kids to learn all these critical life skills for strong self esteem, powerful self confidence, over coming fear, handling change or disappointment as well as creating a vision for their lives and to reach their goals.

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